Diagnosis of Diabetes: Diana’s Story

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We have a great guest blog today from Diana who is sharing her journey so far with type 2 diabetes. She is a very newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, currently on Metformin and managing her diabetes with diet and exercise, and says she still has a lot to learn!!! We love to share our community’s stories no matter how long you have lived with diabetes. Please get in touch if you would like to write a guest blog post.

Diana’s Story With Diabetes

The reason I responded was that it seems the universe and friends are directing me in this area.
Since I have been diagnosed Mid August 2015, I have motivated 2 friends who both have diabetes in their families and who both were, like me, living unhealthy lifestyles. The sports physiologist I have been seeing has mentioned more than once, that she wished I had been blogging my journey.

Since my diagnosis I have “attacked” diabetes full on with a complete overhaul of my eating and exercise habits.

I was admitted to hospital (unaware I was diabetic) with a badly ulcerated foot, the wound being on an existing scar line from two previous surgeries going back 35 years for a bunion, initial procedure and follow up surgery a year later after getting an infection.

The infection had reached the bone and there was a chance I could lose my foot. I was grossly overweight, (still am but not nearly as bad) and had no energy to even look after myself (which I thought was stress/depression related due to work and family issues).

But I made the decision that I was in charge and that I could control the diabetes. Within days I had seen a dietitian, diabetic educator and Endocrinologist – not to mention I was also under the care of a surgical, orthopaedic and vascular team.

Due to my lack of energy and work schedule (odd hours) I made the decision to start immediately with Lite and Easy food – that is another story , but it has been very helpful in teaching me portion control again and helping me identify what foods raise my BGL’s. I now have emergency meals in the freezer but basically cater for myself.

My pantry/fridge/freezer is now healthy and in fact not even a treat for the grandchildren – If I can’t eat it they can’t!! Teaching them about “Nanny’s” diabetes has also been an interesting time – they are 6 year old twin boys and almost 3 year old girl.

The support has been phenomenal and a friend (one of the ones I motivated, whose husband is T2) recommended the Diabetes Counselling Online Facebook pages to me, which I have found very informative and helpful.

The good news is that 12 weeks on, my foot has healed and I can finally wear proper shoes, (only yesterday I invested in some shoes, designed for diabetics, so that I can begin my regular walking programme). I’m due to see my Diabetic team for checkups within the next 2-3 weeks!  My BGL was 17 mmol in hospital and for the last two weeks has settled from 5.4 to 7.1

I have lost in excess of 15 kgs already – can’t be more accurate as I didn’t know my weight going into hospital and oddly no one weighed me till 3 weeks later when I had a follow up appointment with the Diabetic Educator – now everyone – (Endo and sports physiologist) wants to weigh me. They all know that I don’t want to know my weight – just how much I have lost in between visits – but I keep losing my pants 🙂 so guess I’m doing well!

I am also looking at trying to establish a local community support group (face to face) – I’m on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, because whilst the Facebook pages/groups are great I feel there is a need to have a more physical support network for walking/activity buddies etc.

The information on initial diagnosis is very overwhelming (in fact I took an extra week off work just to process it all) and I believe many people struggle to really understand how they can manage their diabetes even with the support from their team.

Kind Regards

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  1. This is great to hear. I was diagnosed with Type 2 on December 8 2015. I have other chronic health issues too. Was going well until about three weeks ago. Hope to get back on track again. I can’t clear out things I shouldn’t eat etc so they are also always in front of me and being eaten by my husband, he is still eating all those “no good for diabetes” things! . I am starting to find it harder and harder to ignore all this stuff.

    1. Post

      it makes it very hard when it is all around you and your husband is not prepared to change – in fact a change in lifestyle is beneficial for everyone! Good luck with things – we all get off track from time to time

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