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"The Diabetes Burnout and Depression course has been instrumental in helping me to identify when I am feeling burnt out and unable to manage my Diabetes. While I am never going to always get it right, for the most part I can now identify my triggers and work at getting my team on board to help me through. Lots of thought provoking content and well worth going taking the course!" Kirsty

If you live with diabetes you will get me when I say that diabetes burnout is a common problem.

People who don't live with diabetes, either their own, or their loved one's diabetes - won't get what the fuss is all about. Because hey, diabetes is EASY right? Simple? Just a bit of sugar? 


News Flash!Diabetes is NOT easy, it is not all about sugar and it IS hard work!

In this online video module, I will take you through:

  • understanding the emotional side of diabetes and why it can be so tough
  • what is diabetes burnout and what are some risk factors?
  • how to find balance
  • 5 truths about diabetes
  • dealing with painful thoughts and feelings
  • assessing your own care of your diabetes at the moment and developing a plan of action
  • diabetes and depression - connections, risk factors and management
  • how to prevent and reduce the impact of diabetes related distress
  • 7 steps in managing diabetes burnout



Hi, I'm Helen Edwards and I am a person with type 1 diabetes, a mum, diabetes blogger, advocate, speaker and counsellor, PhD Candidate, and founder of an online diabetes community. I have spoken all over the world about diabetes and mental health, have written books, run diabetes wellbeing retreats, and even been a state finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards. 

Most importantly I also live with diabetes and have lived with depression, anxiety and diabetes burnout. My personal and professional experiences have led me to create this learning module, to help you to get on top of diabetes burnout and depression, so you can live your best life.

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The reality of life with diabetes

Diabetes is like a “job” and the day to day effort to manage it can become overwhelming.

Especially when the results are not what you would like them to be, and you know you have done all you can, and worked hard.

I know because I have lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979 and spoken to literally THOUSANDS of people living with diabetes since starting work in diabetes in 2001.

Burnout is much more than feeling a little down.

It is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, that you can not go on with your diabetes management.

We also know people with diabetes have an increased risk of depression.


News Flash!You CAN have an AMAZING life despite diabetes!


"I first met Helen Edwards in a volunteer situation at a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation even. Soon after I had a lot of contact with Helen through Diabetes Counselling Online which she had formed and I offered to volunteer. My son with type 1 diabetes was then an adult but I still gained a lot of support; knowledge and friendship in that group. I offered to assist with fundraising and I continued with it for many years to help in whatever way I could to support Helen and her organisation to help improve the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people in Australia and some overseas. Her knowledge, dedication, care, quick response to help people in need of advice regarding diabetes is outstanding". Margaret.

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"I worked with Helen Edwards for over 10 years as a Counsellor, with people living with all types of diabetes. Helen's guidance and example assisted me in developing my practice. Helen is a prolific writer, and her many blog posts, articles, books, courses, and visual and oral presentations served as resources for myself and others. Helen's own professional practice was always conducted at an exemplary level, informed by both her personal life experience and a deep level of professional understanding. Helen maintains a high level of current professional knowledge, gained through Academic Study and Research, and through In Service learning via professional conferences, both International and National". Helen Wilde, formerly Senior Counsellor, Diabetes Counselling Online


What's in the module?

dealing with diabetes burn out & depression
  1. A video module with me, that is just over an hour (it is VERY comprehensive!)
  2. Downloads and worksheets you can use 
  3. At different points in the module, I will ask you to stop and do some exercises to work on your self care, and determine how you are travelling with your diabetes, and any changes you want to make. 
  4. A downloadable workbook you can print to use as you go through to take notes and make plans
  5. You will have lifetime access to the course material so you can come go at your own pace
  6. Membership to our Facebook group for support, where I encourage you to ask questions and join live video sessions I am planning in 2017.
  7. One email session with me after you complete the course, to check in about how you went, and whether you need to seek additional support.
  8. Plus a FREE copy of my e book - Put the Brakes on Diabetes Burnout.

"Helen helped my family through my long-term diabetes-related illness. I believe that without her help we would not have coped through the early stages of that until I recovered. Very grateful for her passion and services". Bridgett


"I'm one of the many lucky people with diabetes to have received help from Helen to understand and cope with this disease. Her never-failing generous support is of tremendous help". Vivienne

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