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Why You Need to Take a Break From Diabetes
Dear Pauline, The World is a Rainbow
Dear Pauline (and anyone else who has ever bullied, ignored, taunted or tossed away someone with a disability), When I was 12 years old I was told that I would never have children due to type 1 diabetes. I was ...
The Incredible Art of Ageing
Growing older is a given. Despite much research, discussion and striving to avoid it, you just can not prevent getting older, and the old adage of there being 2 things in this world being certain – death and taxes – ...
Yoga may help people living with type 2 diabetes
Guest Post from Dr Tony Tanious – House Call Doctor For people living with type two diabetes, regular exercise is fundamental to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Fortunately, regular exercise doesn’t always have to involve exhaustive weights training or rigorous cardio.  ...
Diabetes Chat 3: Dealing with Diabetes & Pregnancy
Our Sweet Talk Tuesday live chat sessions are on a range of topics – head here to find out all of the upcoming talks and topics. Chat topic 3 was about managing diabetes and pregnancy. This is a passion topic ...
managing wellbeing and diabetes
Lifting the Burden of Chronic Disease
I have been going through some changes to my health lately, including high and low blood pressure, lightheadedness and a couple of instances of vertigo, mood changes, sleeping troubles, night sweats and unexplained overnight blood glucose spikes (incredibly cruel when ...
low carb low FODMAP banana chocolate muffins, diabetes friendly
Low Carb FODMAP friendly Banana Chocolate Walnut Muffins
As you may know I have a complex relationship with food. Due to diabetes I have long term gastroparesis, which means many foods are off the menu as they cause pain, bloating, dumping of glucose and a variety of horrible ...
Live Diabetes Chat 2: Dealing With Diabetes Burnout
Life with diabetes can be very hard. Some days you can wonder how you will keep going. Diabetes burn out is a common experience. Connecting with each other is one of the most important things for staying well and happy ...
When Everything is Not OK
One thing I have learned in my almost 50 years of life, is that everyone feels pain, and most importantly, that is ok. We are all living through lives filled with a multitude of experiences, feelings, thoughts. Pain is an ...
More Than The Sum of Our Parts
It’s the final day of the eighth annual Diabetes Blog Week, started by Karen from Bittersweet Diabetes The day one topic is here about expecting the unexpected and day two is here about the costs of diabetes and day three here, about the diabetes ...

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Welcome to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me – a blog and community all about creating a happy healthy life with diabetes. I am Helen Edwards, person with type 1 diabetes since 1979, writer and blogger, diabetes advocate, educator, counsellor and consultant; and PhD Candidate. I am also a wife, mama to 3 gorgeous boys, and lover of people and planet.

Being all about health and happiness does not mean Diabetes Can’t Stop Me is all about ignoring the hard parts of diabetes, or the hard parts about life!

It is about sharing real stories, tips, ideas and inspiration; standing up for our rights, making sure people with diabetes are heard; and making connections. When you can see the whole picture, you see what is possible and you don’t let diabetes stop you living your life however you desire.


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Your Home For a Happy Healthy Life With Diabetes

Join our Community & grab a free chapter of Putting the Brakes on Diabetes Burn Out
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