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Do you want to create a happier, healthier life with diabetes? Get on top of diabetes burnout, connect with other people who get you, find more balance and put diabetes in its place so you can thrive. 

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You may find life with diabetes overwhelming and experience increased stress from the day to day effort of managing. Diabetes burnout is a common problem and risks of depression are increased. You are not alone if you are experiencing these things and they are totally normal. You will find information on the following pages to assist you in caring for your wellbeing, to make sure you not only live with diabetes, but flourish.

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Food is vital for both body and mind. Enjoying food with friends and family is an important part of social interactions and it’s no surprise that almost every celebration of life and achievements are celebrated with a gathering to enjoy food together. Food can become complicated when you live with diabetes, but there is no reason why you should not eat well and celebrate food! Here you will find posts and recipes to help navigate food and diabetes.

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Diagnosis of diabetes is like starting a journey - on a road that is  unfamiliar to you. It is not chosen and certainly not wanted. The rest of your life still carries on, with the addition of the full time job of diabetes! Family members can also experience all sorts of emotions. These are normal experiences and feelings, and you will work through them in time. Here you will find posts about life with diabetes and how to deal with it.


Falling In Love With Dexcom G5 CGM
If you caught my post about my first night with the Dexcom G5 CGM, you may be wondering how we went on our next couple of dates. I am now on day 5 and have that old feeling of falling in love, which I did not expect. You know that kind of love that catches…
Exploring daily self-management experiences for people with type 1 diabetes in hospital
Sharing this research for a lovely friend of mine who is doing great work for those of us living with diabetes – all the details about how to get involved below Helen x Hello, My name is Rebecca and I am currently enrolled in a PhD at Flinders University. I understand that every day at…
My First Night With Dexcom G5 CGM
Monitoring your blood glucose levels and knowing what is happening in your body is the mainstay of diabetes management. The need for how often you monitor and how you monitor is dependent on your type of diabetes and personal history with diabetes, circumstances, and your individual needs. Most people with type 1 diabetes will be…
How to explain diabetes to someone who doesn't have it
How to explain diabetes to someone who doesn’t have it
Diabetes is one of those things that many people think they know everything about, yet they actually know so little…it is probably similar in some other situations, but I am not so sure. For example, I would never presume to know all about Cancer, or Epilepsy or Lupus. I would never speak to someone who…
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Laneways with Diabetes: Same Same Different
**Before you read this – Disclosure – part of my trip to Melbourne was as a guest of Abbott and the Libre team who paid for my flights, accommodation and various food needs across the 2 days of #dx2Melbourne, as well as providing us with some photography classes for our blogs and assorted interesting speakers,…
6 Tips To Reboot With Diabetes
One of the hardest parts of living with diabetes is the ongoing relentless nature of it all. When you get sick with something, you usually recover after a period of rest and treatment. In chronic dieases or conditions like diabetes, it is there forever. With some conditions there are not a lot of things the…
Online Diabetes Counselling, Thriving with Diabetes & the Libre Flash Monitor
Well this post has a flipping LONG title! It is all about your wellbeing, online diabetes counselling, thriving with diabetes and the Flash Libre glucose monitoring system! Firstly I have launched my online diabetes counselling services which you can now find here. These are very limited appointments each week so please get in as soon…
The Number 1 Thing You Need to Know About Diabetes
This is not a 25 things you need to know about diabetes, or even a top 3 tips about living with diabetes. I am not going to tell you (with great shock factor), that if you do not look after your diabetes and keep a tight rein on it, you will end up dying with…
Diabetes and Complications, Taking Time Out, Keeping a Check and Living Well
The many complications of diabetes are something most of us know about. Often this information is given to you at a time where you are not ready to hear it, or at a time that causes high anxiety. The way the media talks about it can highlight the “fear factor” that is all around us when it comes…


You may find life with diabetes overwhelming and experience increased stress from the day to day effort of managing. Diabetes burnout is a common problem and risks of depression are increased. You are not alone if you are experiencing these things and they are totally normal. Online Diabetes Counselling can help you to work through all sorts of issues, from dealing with diagnosis, to diabetes burnout, planning for pregnancy, mindfulness strategies, making a plan for your diabetes self-care and more. 

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Welcome to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me – a blog, community and online counselling, all about creating a happy healthy life with diabetes so you can thrive. I am Helen Edwards, person with type 1 diabetes since 1979, writer and blogger, diabetes advocate, educator, counsellor and consultant; and PhD Candidate. I am also a wife, mama to 3 gorgeous boys, and lover of people and planet.

Being all about health and happiness does not mean Diabetes Can’t Stop Me is all about ignoring the hard parts of diabetes, or the hard parts about life!

It is about sharing real stories, tips, ideas and inspiration; standing up for our rights, making sure people with diabetes are heard; and making connections. When you can see the whole picture, you see what is possible and you don’t let diabetes stop you living your life however you desire - that is what thriving with diabetes is all about.

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Seven days, Seven Simple Steps to Thrive with Diabetes

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