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The Injustice of Diabetes
How are you travelling with diabetes? Yesterday was a crap day diabetes wise for me. In the scheme of 38 years, it was not a great one, not the worst, but definitely not the best. The day started with a spike in my blood glucose levels after breakfast. I have changed to a “Thins” bread…
Contemplating Diabetes: Inside Looking Out
You might have noticed a lack of posting here lately…. I have been spending a fair bit of time with my diabetes on the inside looking out. Sometimes when you are struggling with your own diabetes it is incredibly tough to participate in all the conversations out there, around all things diabetes. After spending many…
Chefgood and Diabetes Victoria Launch
Do you find that food has become a nightmare since being diagnosed with diabetes? Or perhaps you have had the opposite experience, where you have realised that eating a healthy diet is essential for anyone, diabetes or not – and that there is no such thing as a “diabetic diet”! In fact people with diabetes…
Staying Out of The Loop
Lately I have been hearing a lot more about diabetes tech and in particular the work of companies who are developing closed loop insulin delivery systems, and the DIY version that has started to find its way to Australia. Essentially these systems enable automated basal insulin delivery, making multiple small adjustments constantly to keep your…
A Little More Here, A Little Less There
I have a little update today because I have been taking a bit of a break from madly posting on the blog or social media when it comes to diabetes, for a few reasons. One is that I have been incredibly unwell since coming back from ADEA/ADS at the end of August. This started with…
Like Putty in Your Hands
Sometimes I feel like it is groundhog day when I write a blog post here….you know, the same old same old. There are lots of wonderful bloggers in diabetes who share posts about things like the latest crisis within diabetes tech with the closing down of the Animas Pump production, or the latest on private…
Surfing the Diabetes Waves
Sometimes I think diabetes and all of its ups and downs, is a reflection of the ebbs and flows of life. Just like the way that your thoughts and feelings can come and go like the tides, and the ways that you can feel like you are floating sometimes, and other times, like you are…
When Your Body Lets You Down
Do you feel like your body has let you down sometimes? I know some people I have spoken with over the years felt that when they got diagnosed with diabetes, and some people continue to feel this at times as their health fluctuates. If you have been connected to me in some way over the…
On Trends, Arrows & Alarms
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an idea, where all sorts of thoughts came together? It happens to me all the time with writing ideas, and last night it happened with my wake up alarm to check my BGL…something I have not had to do since starting with CGM. …

Welcome to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me – a blog & community all about creating a happy healthy life with diabetes so you can thrive. I am Helen Edwards, person with type 1 diabetes since 1979, Mama, blogger and PhD Candidate. 

Being all about health and happiness does not mean Diabetes Can’t Stop Me is all about ignoring the hard parts of diabetes, or the hard parts about life!

It is about sharing real stories, tips, ideas and inspiration; standing up for our rights, making sure people with diabetes are heard; and making connections. When you can see the whole picture, you see what is possible and you don’t let diabetes stop you living your life however you desire - that is what thriving with diabetes is all about.

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Do you want to create a happier, healthier life with diabetes? Get on top of diabetes burnout, connect with other people who get you, find more balance and put diabetes in its place so you can thrive. 

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Seven days, Seven Simple Steps to Thrive with Diabetes

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